Black & Gold Audio have produced work for some of the worlds leading post production, TV & film production, library, media and publishing companies. We aim to deliver only the very best in competitive audio recording, processing and composition work, here’s what the companies say about us....

‘we worked with Simon from Black & Gold Audio to record some remote voiceover / ADR via our London studios which was required for series 8 of CBBC’s Horrible Histories. The recording work completed with Jessica Ransom (Actor) was of an exceptional high quality. Jess was extremely relaxed and well looked after in the session’ James O’Brien - Friztovia Post

‘Simon from Black & Gold Audio has been working with us for around 14 years now, he is one of our main ‘go to’ composers for various genres of music including electronic styles, funk, jazz and orchestral soundscapes. The music he has written for us appears on TV show’s, trailers, webspots and other media advertising the world over and we are extremely proud to have him as one of our writers.’ 

Heidi Narholz - Sonoton Music GmbH & Co.KG

‘Miami Ink is one of our most popular shows, we commissioned Black & Gold to compose one of the programmes cues which was used as a regular bed on the show. The composition met our vision detailed in the brief we supplied, the work was produced very professionally in a short turnaround time, extremely glad we chose to work with Simon.’  Alice Mirren - TLC Ltd


BLACK & GOLD AUDIO are specialists in diegetic & NON-DIEGETIC SOUND & MUSIC FOR VISUAL MEDIA. //////////////////////////////


‘We commissioned Black & Gold Audio in 2017 to write music for one of our video marketing campaigns which advertises one of our flagship hotels, they were recommended to us and we are extremely glad they were!’

Maria Melo - Nau Group

‘‘As a publisher and supplier of compositions for synchronization to film and TV we worked with Simon from Black & Gold Audio for a period of around 8 years until our company moved in another direction in 2010. We engaged him as a freelance composer to create works for the likes of National Geographic, Trinny & Suzannah, Pop Idol, Discovery Channel, Sky Sports and many more. His work to this day still stands the test of time, he can interpret a brief extremely well and create the right soundscape for a directors vision.’  Tom Hayes - Mercury Head Publishing