////// Field / Foley Recording Kit list //////

Shotgun Microphones

Sennheiser MKH 416-P48U3 Super Cardioid Shot Gun Microphone

Booms, blimps, windjammers and resources (stands, clamps, leads etc)


Sound Devices Mix Pre6

Zoom H4N

Lavalier Wireless Systems & Microphones

Sennheiser EW500 Film G4 Set x 2

Sennheiser XS Wireless Digital System x 2

Spot Microphones

Octava MK012 (Matched Pair)

Dinkum flexi Mic mounts

Our recording kit list at Black & Gold Audio emulates the professional sound desired by award winning TV shows, films and corporate media the world over.  Our sound recordists and design artists desire only the very best just like you, and these tools enable them to implement their recording techniques and produce only the very best in high quality recorded audio.


////// VoiceOver/ADR/Studio Recording Kit list //////

Condenser Microphones

Neumann U87 (Multi-directional)

Audio Technica 4047MP (Multi-directional)

AKG C200B (Cardioid)

Rode NT5 (Cardioid Matched Pair)

Octava MK012 (Matched Pair)

Dynamic Microphones

Shure SM57 x 2

Shure SM58 x 2

Sennheiser E609

Pre & AD Converters:

TL Audio 5050

TL Audio 5001

Motu 2408 Mk3

Logic Pro x / Avid Pro Tools


BLACK & GOLD AUDIO are specialists in diegetic & NON-DIEGETIC SOUND & MUSIC FOR VISUAL MEDIA. //////////////////////////////