Black & Gold Studio is nestled in the heart of Cornwall on the outskirts of the capital Truro. The 5m x 3m studio is the work horse of all Black & Gold Audio operations, all composition for media is completed here as is all foley and the processing of external field recordings. Voiceover and ADR work can also be completed in the studio and if required remote sessions between studios elsewhere on the planet using Source Connect with our high speed ISDN line.

The studio is equipped with a vast array of equipment essential to both composition and recording, we use a Mac OSX system, with 2 x 3.46GB 12 cores, 64GBRAM and 2 x 2TB SSD drives, some of the other highlights are listed below.

Recording / Outboard Hardware:

///// Neumann, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Rode, AKG, Octava and Shure condenser / shotgun, dynamic & lavalier microphones.

///// Soundcraft 328XD, Mackie HR824’s, MOTU 2408MK3, Emagic AMT8, TLAudio Preamps & Valve EQs.

///// Oberhiem OB12, Roland Juno 106, Clavia Nordrack 2, Roland Gaia, Roalnd XV5050, Roland HPD15, Korg Electribes, Roland VT3, Emu Orbit, Novation A Station, Novation Bass station 2, Yamaha CS2X                          


BLACK & GOLD AUDIO are specialists in diegetic & NON-DIEGETIC SOUND & MUSIC FOR VISUAL MEDIA. //////////////////////////////


DAW’s & 3rd Party Software:

///// Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, NI Komplete, Waves Audio, Universal Audio, Arturia Suite, Fabfilter, Izotope, Abbey Road, TL Audio, Spitfire Audio, Sony Oxford, Lexicon.

Control Surfaces:

Doepfer LMK4+, PalletGear, Novation Zero SLMk 2, Akai APC40