Sound & Music for Visual Media (Non-Qualification course)

This is a non – qualification course where learners will explore the world of music composition and sound recording for Film, TV & Games. Students will learn how to create, arrange and use music for a visual narrative exploring various genres including epic, horror, thriller, comedy and romance. Along side the music composed for a visual, the recording of sound (field & foley recordings) will be undertaken for the ‘onscreen’ SFX synchronisation. The use of Logic Pro X (DAW) as both a composition and synchronisation tool will be explored, as well as the use and techniques of microphones and field recording devices.

Who is this course for?

Those that are interested in Sound and Music for visual media and have an interest in exploring composition and recording for TV, Film & Games. Students are not required to have previous knowledge of playing an instrument, using a DAW or recording with microphones but previous experience would be an advantage

What will I learn?

This will include course objectives.

  1. Understand the history of media sound & music

  2. Understand and use a DAW to compose music

  3. Understand and use compositional techniques to support visual narrative.

  4. Understand and use Microphones and techniques in the recording process

  5. Understand sound design and synchronisation to support visual narrative.

How will I learn?

The aim of the course is to build an understanding of these specialist areas and use some of the techniques explored in a short visual clip of your choice. The work is completed within the sessions through recording and composition on the equipment and is supported by a vast amount of learning resources supplied by the tutor. Practicing composition and recording at home would also be an advantage if you have the equipment, but not a necessity.

What equipment do I use on the course?

The Centre has a good range of Music production and recording equipment this includes iMac computers with Logic Pro X, MIDI Controller keyboards plus some recording and mixing equipment (Microphones / field recorders / Mixing desks). Alongside our own equipment the tutor will make use of his own recording equipment and resources.


BLACK & GOLD AUDIO are specialists in diegetic & NON-DIEGETIC SOUND & MUSIC FOR VISUAL MEDIA. //////////////////////////////


What can I do after this course to progress?

Various other Music composition, recording and technology qualification courses, your tutor can discuss these with you.

The Course Details.

Fee: £156 Full / £81 Conc

Code: SBO0105

Dates: 24/4/2021 to 29/5/2021

Day: Saturday

Times: 10am - 3.30pm

Location: Bodmin Adult Education Centre, Chy Trevail, Beacon Technology Park, Bodmin PL31 2FR

To Enrol or for further enquiries:   0300 1231 117 /